Below the Line Strategy - Marksmen Advertising

Below the Line Strategy

BTL activities are very good for marketing purposes when client want to prevent excessive spending but want a guaranteed ROI. At Marksmen we are very judicious with the budget which is allocated while making every effort to maximize the effects.

Point of Sale

Marksmen is adept at creating a instant connect with well designed point of sale collaterals. These collaterals are not only cost effective but an effective way to communicate your message as well. Marksmen does is all including and not limited to – wobblers, standees, danglers, tentcards, posters, sticker from design to production till execution.


Marksmen supports customer sales promotions and canhelp you facilitate new product acceptance through the creation of the ideal brand image.


We can design and create your brand merchandise including – caps, tshirts, bags, branded stationaries, clocks, diaries, trophies, etc.

Digital & Interactive

We employ digital media actively as part of the BTL activities for greater reach and more impact. This helps in creating better relationships with customers through online mediums.

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