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We seek to help organisations build their brand through strategic foresight in design, development through effective implementation using efficient communication tools. We are passionate, creative and believe in getting the job done no matter what the oods. What we provide is strategically meaningful and measurable solutions which are in line with our client´s vision as we believe that is where our own advancement lies.

Marksmen was set up by individuals with extensive experience in working overtime. Night is when we slog it out as our minds work faster in the absence of sunlight. Yes... some of us are vampires. What happens is daytime is usually spent being an "advertising firm".



The Man Who Stops Advertising To Save Money Is
The Man Who Stops The Clock To Save Time

Omega Supreme

Mayank Bhadoria

Mayank is our founder and director. An alumnus of NMIMS, he is driving force behind the team. A proactive visionary, Mayank has managed clients from diverse fields like retail, infra, corporate, hospitality to name a few. For Mayank, getting the job done is of paramount and singular importance and all other factors needn´t be either constant or even ideal, including the unforeseen. Before starting Marksmen, Mayank has led various agencies in Hyderabad and has been instrumental in launching many prominent city brands. Mayank is a fitness freak and keeps joining gyms and visits them on a quarterly basis. Quite a few gymnasiums have benefitted from his philanthropic serial membership.

The Justice League

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Rahul Manigram

Rahul is our jack of all trades and works with our clients to ensure their projects are delivered meeting and exceeding expectations on quality, timelines and budget. Detail oriented, organized, proactive, Rahul makes sure the job gets done no matter what.
Rahul enjoys good people and bad company, is a zen master, writer, world traveller and loves jumping out of planes.

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Shivaram Dongre

Shivram leads our graphic design team. With over 17 years of experience working with some of the biggest agencies in Hyderabad, he is experienced in every aspect of design and their many applications including websites, large to small scale graphics, logos, print and outdoor campaigns.
Shiva hates good weather. A doting father to his 2 kids, Shiva enjoys Carnatic music and Daler Mahendi.

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Jyoti Chauhan

Jyoti is our content developer and copywriter and is responsible for all client communications for all mediums including print, websites, digital media. She has written content for print campaigns, press releases, monthly newsletters, annual reports and social media feeds.
An Air Force kid, Jyoti loves travelling, singing, shopping and dancing.

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Rahul Sharma

Rahul is our events manager and takes care of all ATL and BTL activities responsible for handling and organizing personnel, equipment, venues, themes and reach of all campaigns. The quintessetial jugaad guy, he gets us the best rates for everything from smartphones to dinner discounts.
Rahul loves action movies, racing, dhabas and road trips.

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V.R.B.S.Brahmanda Rao

A senior graphic designer on our team, otherwise known as Bhagawan Ram to his devotees and clients, Bhagawan has over 20 years of experience working in major advertising and media houses. Bhagawan is our chief designer when it comes product packaging designs and is also well versed with the various technologies when it come to large scale manufacturing of consumer products.

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Srikanth Godege

A relative newcomer to advertising compared to the rest of the design team, Srikanth left a promising career in finance to pursue his creative pursuits. Having worked with many advertising start-ups, Srikanth is very unorthodox in his creative outlook, which gives his designs a refreshing originality.
Srikanth also takes care of all the investment portfolios of the rest of the team. No losses yet or he won't be here.



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RG - Founder and Director, Exigo Consulting

RG has over 30 years of experience working with Fortune 500 companies. He is a strategy consultant to many IT and pharms companies. RG has been involved with Marksmen since our inception and continues to provide us with valuable insight.

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Arun Jacob - Founder and former Director, Array Globe

Arun Jacob has 25 years of experience in building companies from scratch. With a vast experience gained in working in a multitude of environment and cultures, especially in the education sector, he is consultant to education consulting firms in India and abroad. Mr Jacob is our advisor for our education branding vertical and Marksmen has gained much from his strategic insights.


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