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Mobile Marketing

That people look into their phones more than in the mirror is an understatement. Mobile phones give marketers a 24x7, 365 day connection to their audiences. People are increasingly employing the ease of mobile phones for shopping and other requirements. Therefore advertisers are faced with the fact that mobile marketing can definitely not be ignored. Marksmen has range of services in this segments.

Mobile Apps

Marksmen can develop custom apps for your business requirements that run on smartphones and are compatible with different platforms. Mobile apps provide users the ease of connecting to their interests on the go through internet connections. We can create custom apps for custom use.

Blue Casting

It is a relatively very new method of campaigning. In this a message is broadcasted to all blue-tooth enabled phones in a given area. This open a up a wide range or promotion possibilities, especially for retailers in malls(as in sales promotions, discount offers).

QR Code

QR codes are very popular nowadays and is being used by almost every retail based business. QR codes fasten the process of your customer finding whatever information they need quickly. You can also add other details like business cards, flyer, discounts offers to the code.

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