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Outdoor Management

Catch your targets attention on the go. Marksmen outdoor management solutions is wide and far reaching network which can enable brands to connect to consumers with creative imagery on a variety of outdoor mediums. From a billboard to road median and everything in between, we can arrange it all for your needs.

Outdoor Media Management – Auto, Bus Stops, Medians

A billboard costs a lot, but your brand might reach a wider audience using auto branding or maybe by using road medians. Every brand is unique and has different ways to reach the target. Marksmen can manage it all and provide you with the best service for your budgets. Budgets constraints doesn´t have to mean a smaller campaign.

Outdoor Media Buying

Our network allows us to get the best and hard to get placements for your brands. Marksmen expertise can give the edge when it comes to gaining the best visibility.


Aside from creating the perfect design for your banner, we can have your banner made and put up in strategically advantages locales.


There is no beating a billboard when it comes sheer grabbing grandeur. Just one is capable of doing what 10 road medians might not accomplish. For this we have a our vendors in place, which enables us to give the best rates and quick bookings at the best locations.

Bus Shelters/ Public Utilities

Bus shelters and public ulities are a very cost effective medium for communication and a large number of people spend a significant amount of time near them. Marksmen can create visually compelling design concepts for gaining the short attention spans and spreading your brand messages.

Vehicle Branding

Marksmen can help you make your fleet of vehicles become a tool in your communication arsenal. Innovative and creative design support ensures that your brand grabs eyeballs whereever your vehicle travels.


Kiosks can be simple glow signboards or unlit billboards placed at strategic location near to target base. Kiosks are required to be peppy enough to grab the attention of passersby. Kiosks are conventionally used for teaser campaigns.

Augmented Reality

Want to see how the actual branding will look like when implemented in the real world. Marksmen will can show you how the actual execution will look like with photographs augmented with your branding to give you a visual feel.

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