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Print Media

Print may no longer be the most preferred form of advertising but there is no questioning its impact. Marksmen is well connected with publishers and print houses including all major newspaper both locally and nationally. Our services include targeting, creative and campaign planning and media buying.

TG Definition

Lets face it, print ads are expensive. The proper market profiling is imperative. Marksmen expertise and association enables us to properly segment the reach of your print ad. Instead of spraying your campaign budget on a broad level, we can narrow it down to your immediate target group.

Media Planning

Geography does matter in advertising. Be seen where it matters most. Because most of the time what is seen is what is sold. Marksmen can chalk out the planning required to enhance your brand´s visibility. The campaign is planned keeping the locations and angles of view mind.

Media Buying

We understand the urge to save every rupee. We are pretty good negotiators (which is one of the first things our clients get to witness about us). Marksmen has built up a wide network over the years which go a long way in helping us make those cost-effective campaigns and yet maintain those super high quality standards you are used to.

Media Plan Implementation

Marksmen takes the plans to its fruitation. While print campaign are effective, they become more so when the campaign in peppered with online support to maximize your ROI. We don´t just meet your expectations, our goal is always to go beyond them.

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