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Social Media Marketing

Social Media accounts for most of the time people spend online these days. So it is no surprise that marketers are increasingly turning to this medium for their advertising requirements. Social media marketing campaigns can be made highly customizable according to – location, age, job profile, tastes and interests etc. Social Media is way of the future and Marksmen can be your charioteer to steer your campaign in this particular media.

Social Media Research

Doing the market social media research is half the homework done in the social media age. With microsecond attention spans, playing your cards well can be all the difference between having popular of an empty store. Research can be the source of deep insight which can add more value to any advertising actions.

Social Media Strategy

Having a page is not enough. Getting some likes is not a sign of success. Social media is a very congested place with every marketer worth his salt looking to sell his place. To stay ahead of the game you need a game plan. Marksmen can make that perfect strategic plan for you in line with your long term brand strategy.

Competitive Benchmarking

More likes means you are connecting with more of your customers. Companies with a larger fan bases do better than their immediate market competitors. Marksmen uses advanced statistical analysis methods to predict and compare your performance and your competitors and provides you with a snapshot of what could or should be done to better your game.

Social Media Network Expansion

Marksmen focus on a strategic management of content and target segmentation enables us to reach just the right people. Our mantra is simple, reach the right audience and they will get right message. Generalizing the audience base is not needed if we are to connect with the right customer.

Content Development & Promotion

To get more you have to be innovative. If doing the same thing worked for everything, we would be out of business. The key to expansion is innovation, thinking outside the box. Marksmen can create those engaging innovate contents for your which are guaranteed to get you more eyeball time.

Social Media Monitoring

Marksmen team monitors your brands online presence for maximum impact. A late reply is as good as a no reply to an irate customer. The right message at the time right time improves a brand´s reputation and trust among its audience.

Social Apps

Marksmen can develop custom social apps for your business requirements so you can create and maintain faster and better relations with your audiences.

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