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Web Solutions

The virtual world is now more important than before. People end up spending more time online than they bother to offline. The 15 inch computer screen is the most viewed and therefore most cost effective real estate when it comes to advertising. Marksmen web solutions are aimed at taking our clients to the next level in their growth story.


Smart, secure, reliable and quick domain hosting services by Marksmen provides safe and quick connectivity for your business, for your clients and customers.

Server Management

Marksmen handles a large number of network servers for smooth running of your online business identity, i.e your website. With Marksmen, you identify is also functional and accessible 24x7.

Website Design

Marksmen creates beautiful and interactive user interface designs for your website. Whether you require a wordpress site of a HTML one, we are equally adept at making them click for you. We also make them responsive for different environments and devices.

Website Maintenance

Need your website looked after and continuously updated but don´t have the team necessary for it. Marksmen can do the job for you at a fraction of the cost of hiring full time team. Our services are quick with a consistent 48 hr TAT on your requirements. We can also improve it by adding updating the tech and functionality to keep up with the times. SEO Let us make search engine optimization for you and you will find your website featured consistently in the top page. Improve your ranking and visibility with Marksmen SEO services.


Marksmen can optimize your Pay per click campaign for maximum effectiveness. Using detailed keyword research and analysis for making the most out of the bidding process, you reach and visibility is maximized.

Web Analytics

Marksmen web analytics service can provide clients with a comprehensive analytical data which can be used to improve marketing campaigns in the digital domain.

Digital Strategy

Marksmen can build for you detailed strategy for your digital domain demands. We like to cut the clutter and set meaningful and measurable goals which can be reached quickly. We specialize in making your brand go viral and improve your marketability.

Digital Media Planning

With effective placement strategy in place for your brand specific requirements, Marksmen is equipped to handle and implement high volume digital media planning in scope and scale.

Digital Media

Buying Marksmen digital buying services are all aimed at increasing efficiency and effectiveness. Our services are transparent and we can quickly build and execute media buying listings for you.

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